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Today it is quite difficult to attract consumer attention. This is especially true for young companies that are starting to take their first steps in business. For a company to be truly successful, an unconventional approach is needed. An excellent solution in this case will be animation. Animated video will help create a viral effect and attract new visitors, as well as increase sales by several times.
Animation will help in promotion and search engine optimization of the site, if you use animated movies in 3D, 2D, Flash animation. Such advertising will be more spectacular and informative. According to statistics, the time of stay of visitors or potential customers on the site increases by 1.5 – 2 times. We are sure that any animation clip, created by our agency specialists, will make a wonderful impression on every person. Thanks to such videos, it is possible not only to successfully promote the SEO portal, but also to create brand image and increase sales. Ordering clips from us, you trust your business professionals who know their business and managed to help many companies from around the world.

Our process


Your company had a need to create an animated video. Maybe you already have an idea, as you see it, in this case our creative team will implement it. If you have the task of creating a video, but you do not have any ideas, do not worry, we will be happy to provide you with some interesting and original suggestions.

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The script is the foundation of the video and, in fact, the basis of success. A creative concept and a well thought out script will be the real key to the success of the future video. The video is the point of contact between the audience and the brand. And this means that the concept of the video must be maintained in the color scheme of the brand or contain images and brand symbols. Therefore, promotional video must fit as harmoniously as possible in the overall concept of video marketing of your company.

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This is where all the fun starts. This stage allows with the help of technology to “enliven” the characters. When the animation is complete, the characters are inserted into specific scenes and perform their movements. Then carry out animation of secondary, small elements, added design chips that help to form the concept of transitions between scenes and frames.

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The resulting scenes are connected to a single clip. At this stage for animation additional visual and sound effects are added, “tokens” in full accordance with the concept will make the whole video more spectacular and interesting. Do all the things you can to make catch the viewer.

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We can make animation of any complexity. The product is guaranteed to stand out from the rest of the advertising, 100% will attract new customers.

Before ordering the development of animation, it is necessary to determine the goals assigned to it. What are the tasks of animation?

  • To promote the product in the market, which is poorly advertised in other ways.
  • To increase consumer confidence in a product or service.
  • Show a presentation of a training course, seminar or product.
  • Showcase the key features of the new mobile application.
  • Create a unique advertising campaign for online stores.
  • Requires product advertising.

Each of our animated videos is a small piece of art.